International Missions Trips

Come On Along! The Fields Are Ripe For Harvest!

For the past several years, Gary Oates have been leading ministry teams on dozen of international trips mostly to South America. The purpose of these trips is to advance the Kingdom of God through preaching of the Gospel with an abundance of miracles, signs and wonders following. And now, they are inviting you to COME ON ALONG!

Each year, Gary Oates Ministries will be leading international mission trips to Colombia and other South America countries. And, we would be honored to have you join us. As a member of the ministry team, you will receive individual prayer and impartation from Gary in preparation for ministry to others. You will be encouraged, within a supportive team atmosphere, to move freely in the gifts and ministry capabilities God has given you. You will have the privilege of laying your hands on many, many precious people and through the power of your prayer see undeniable miracles of healing, deliverance and restoration occur before your very eyes!

Come on along! It will be a life changing experience both for you and those to whom you minister. Many have said that following their participation in these trips they are "ruined" in the best possible way for anything other than the full on demonstration of the Gospel of the Kingdom as depicted in Jesus ministry and the book of Acts.

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May 2019

Team Mission Trip to Guatemala

May 20 - 27, 2019

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