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Healing for You (MP3)

Healing for You (MP3)


This faith packed MP3 teaching inspires refreshed hope and infuses a kingdom perspective to you for your healing. As Gary preaches there is a tangible and contagious faith that will open you up to experience more of the supernatural healing power of God. Gary shares inspirational testimonies about praying for people and tumors popping out, deaf ears opening and the lame walking. See faith rise up on the inside of you as you hear testimonies of God healing others. Some of the keys to healing include: – The power in a testimony of healing – Revelation on what the ‘Prayer of faith’ really is – Discovering any hindrances to receiving your healing – The power of a ‘Word of Knowledge’ with live examples – Revelatory teaching on the word of God for your healing Gary leads a powerful healing prayer in which you can press into the presence of God, be free from any afflicting spirits and receive your healing. A strong healing anointing swept through the church and many received healing as they started to do something that they could not do before. Break the power of sickness in your life. Make a decision to go after your healing and enter into the miracle dimension where you too can walk in divine health. (Formerly titled Pathways to Healing)

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