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Gary Oates began fulltime ministry in 1967 with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Over a thirty-year period, he planted five churches in five different cities in the United States. Gary resigned from the pastorate in 2003 to devote full time to the traveling ministry.




“Now I have seen the power and glory of God. Now I know He is real. I feel like all my life, up to this point, I’ve been lied to, but this, this is real.”

Cali, Colombia Trip #2

God removes a bullet from a young man’s abdomen! Girl with burst eardrum now hears! Bad eyes opened! Two cysts in lady’s breast disappear! Crippling arthritis healed! Read about these and many others…

Neiva, Colombia

“We were surrounded by people pressing in, stretching out their hands wanting prayer. Almost without exception they were all healed—and quickly.  It was happening so fast, we asked one woman at what point she was healed.  Her response was, ‘When I got close to you.’ “

Barrancabermeja, Colombia

Read of the amazing things God did: Woman deaf for 40 years, now hears! Mute boy starts to speak! Missing cartilage replaced in woman’s knee! Breast growth disappears!…and many more…

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