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Barrancabermeja, Colombia

Barrancabermeja is a city of about 200,000 people located on the Magdalena river in northern Colombia. It is home to the largest oil refinery in the country and known as the oil capital of Colombia. Because of its low elevation, the city experiences hot, tropical temperatures year round.

Gary with fourteen team members, ministered in several different churches, an orphanage, a prison, and in a park, outdoors. During their week in Barrancabermeja, Gary and the team witnessed God do the following:

(we didn’t get a count in the prison)

34)  Blind or vision impaired healed!

33)  Deaf or hearing impaired healed!

47)  Lame or difficulty walking healed!

11) Tumors, lumps or cysts disappeared!

119)  Inner healings and/or deliverances!

10)  Received the baptism of the Holy Spirit!


The above is a conservative report. Sometimes when God is moving it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything. Furthermore, improvements or partial healings are not counted—only healings that can be reasonably verified to be 100% complete on the spot. Sometimes we get reports of people receiving healing after the meeting, during the night, or even a day later. Those are not reflected in these numbers either. Let’s just say, God does a whole lot more than what we know about!

Here’s a testimony of what God did in just one service:

We went to a small church for the midweek service. After his message, Gary asked for words of knowledge from the team. After we were finished, perhaps a third of the congregation was standing in expectation of healing. The Lord then healed 124 people right where they stood!  Many came forward to give testimony: 

  • Pain gone from a cracked chest caused by falling off a roof, 
  • Knees can bend again and bronchitis gone, 
  • A young man had loss of hearing restored, 
  • Ringing in the ears and elbow pain left a mature woman,
  • Infection was healed for a man in his 30s, 
  • A lump felt in the beast was gone for a mature lady, 
  • Ringing in the ears and anguish in the heart left a young man,
  • A young boy 12 with colon cancer who had been suicidal in the hospital felt a supernatural healing in his body.

A young lady who was healed the night before joined us as a team member. She gave a wonderful testimony to everyone speaking with amazing confidence. In fact, later in the service, all eight people she prayed for were healed!  When Gary gave an alter call, more than 60 people both young and old came forward—many had tears when they accepted Jesus as Savior!

And here are just a few examples of what individual team members experienced during the trip:

Woman deaf for 40 years, now hears!
In the park, we prayed for a woman who lost hearing in both ears 40 years ago. I prayed twice, but not much seemed to be happening. God then told me to blow air into her ears.  As I did so—to my total surprise—God opened both her ears!!  With her hearing completely restored, she gave thanks to the Lord in tears…

Missing cartilage replaced in woman’s knee!
A woman came forward for prayer, explaining she had no cartilage in her knee and was suffering great pain. Her doctors said her knee was “bone on bone.” We prayed for restoration, new cartilage, and new knee parts.  We spent a few moments praying.  Afterwards, we requested the woman do deep knee bends and she exclaimed, “No pain!!” She was crying and thanking God…and we did too! 

One miracle leads to yet another!
A woman came forward who had pain in several joints. Standing behind her was a man with bandaged feet. When praying for the woman, she fell back and the man behind caught her as she was falling. When catching her, he yelled, “My feet! My feet!”  After a bit, the lady got up and said the pain in her joints was gone!  But that’s not all… The man behind said all the pain in his bandaged feet disappeared when he caught the woman!!

Man deaf in both ears now hears!
A mother brought her son forward for healing. He was in his twenties, deaf in both ears and compromised on his right side from a stroke. We prayed for him and asked the Holy Spirit to come with fire, power and healing anointing.  The young man fell to the floor and rested in the spirit.  After a few moments, we checked him out.  He responded to all our clicking fingers and verbal stimulus!  He could hear from both ears!  We stood him up and said to his mother, “Ask him a question.”  She did and he responded verbally to her—because he could hear!!  Praise the Lord!

Mute boy starts to speak!
A young boy was brought forward by his Father.  He was mute.  We bound the spirit of muteness, prayed for the Holy Spirit to release healing fire, anointing and power.  Checking afterwards, the young boy started to make audible sounds for the first time in his life!  As the young boy was smiling, his Father was moved to tears.  We all praised God!

Chronic pain healed—lady can jump again!
We prayed for a lady who had dislocated her hip seven years ago and suffering pain due to a narrowing disc. Not able to walk properly, she had severe pain in her left knee and leg. After praying for her, she reported all the pain was gone! Not only that, she was able to walk and jump!! Praise God!

Premature baby healed!
A lady came to us for prayer having just been released from a week’s stay in the hospital. She had a c-section birth for her baby who was 2 months premature. The baby was in an incubator and on oxygen. The doctors told her that the baby’s lungs did not work well and would not be able to eat because his digestive system wasn’t functioning properly.  We prayed for the baby asking Jesus to make all body functions normal.  I encouraged her to believe what God was telling her in her heart, rather than what the doctors were saying. The next evening she returned very excited. The baby was off of the oxygen and breathing normally!! The baby was also breast feeding and eating normally!!  Praise Jesus for healing this little life and giving much joy to this mother!

Two people suffering from life-long deafness now hear!
A woman approached us with a young man and woman, both in their twenties. Both suffered from life-long deafness. So many were waiting in our line for prayer, we decided to pray for both at the same time.  We commanded the spirit of deafness to go and called for increased activity of the Holy Spirit.  Upon checking, both indicated they could hear!!  When asking them to give God thanks, they both made noises and sounds—we believe it was the first time they had ever attempted to speak! [People who have never heard before, often have to learn how to speak.]

Breast growth disappears!
A woman came with pain in her leg veins and a growth in her right breast.  We prayed for her leg veins and the pain left almost immediately.  And after praying a couple more times, the breast growth was completely gone!

Lady receives both inner and physical healing!
A middle aged woman came forward to have prayer for chronic pain in her hip. She had been suffering with this for several years.  We asked what else was going on in her life around the time it started. She replied she married a non-Christian man against her father’s will—and her father died shortly after that.  She received inner healing for rebellion, guilt and self condemnation. After this she received forgiveness from Father God’s heart Who released her to walk into her destiny and calling.  After this we came against the pain in her hip and spoke healing. Our interpreter was then impressed to move several feet away and called her to step into her destiny by walking towards her.  She easily walked with no pain in her hip!—and had tears of gratitude for what The Lord had just done!

Scoliosis of the spine healed!
As Gary spoke during a service, I received a word and felt it was for someone I would be praying with later. The word was “An anointing for mothering of many children.” When Gary was finished, the team came forward, forming a line across the front to pray for people. As people lined up in front of us, I gave the word to the first lady in my line. It was perfect, because she was the leader of a children’s center—and had wanted God’s assurance she could show love to all the children. After receiving that word, she requested prayer for back pain due to scoliosis and gallstones. After prayer, the back pain left and she was healed! The next day she was able to show her “straight back” to the children at the center!

Deaf ear…and more healed!
A man came forward who had a deaf ear, kidney failure, and back pain. I prayed for the ear first, knowing when it opened, this would be a great testimony for the other conditions. His hearing in the ear increased only a little. I prayed again for total healing and he could then hear perfectly! I prayed next for the pain in his back…and it left!  Lastly, I prayed for his kidneys. I asked the man to give a testimony at his church once the doctors could confirm the kidneys were healed.

Arthritic hand pain healed!
A young lady with arthritis in her hands came for prayer. I was really shaking with Holy Spirit, so I asked her to place her hands in mine and told her that her hands were in the hands of Jesus… The pain left but shifted into her arms. I prayed that as the pain moves Jesus can move the pain right out of her body. Sliding my hand up to her elbow, the pain quickly moved out and left!

Finger mobility restored!
One lady could not close the fingers on her hand. I first made sure she knew Jesus was in her—and she was in Him. I then explained Jesus will come as the Good Shepherd, holding out His hand saying, “Follow me.” I played the part of Jesus and reached out my hand to her from a few feet away. As she reached for my hand—her hand was healed! She could now close her fingers and grip me!

And many, many others!…  Glory to God!

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