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Cali, Colombia Trip #1

Cali is the third largest city in Colombia with over two million inhabitants. Located in a valley, the city has a warm tropical climate year round. 

Gary and 19 team members ministered at a several churches, an orphanage-school, a daycare center, a prison, a public school, and one outdoor meeting. During the week, Gary and the team witnessed God do the following:


104)  Blind or vision impaired healed!

53)  Deaf or hearing impaired healed!

64)  Lame or difficulty walking healed!

44)  Tumors, lumps or cysts disappeared!

173)  Inner healings and/or deliverances!

13)  Received the baptism of the Holy Spirit!


The above is a conservative report. Sometimes when God is moving it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything. Furthermore, improvements or partial healings are not counted—only healings that can be reasonably verified to be 100% complete on the spot. Sometimes we get reports of people receiving healing after the meeting, during the night, or even a day later. Those are not reflected in these numbers either. Let’s just say, God does a whole lot more than what we know about!

On the very first Sunday morning, people were being healed without anyone praying for them or laying hands on them. One lady was blind in her right eye for several years—and was healed! Another lady had an accident a couple of years ago, damaging and losing all feeling in both her arms. As the power of God came upon her, both the feeling and mobility was restored!

The following are just a few examples of what individual team members experienced:

Multiple miracles…and crooked teeth straightened!
At an outdoor crusade, I witnessed multiple miracles. Five partially blind, women’s eyes opened and they were able to read the identification card on my chest!  Five sets of partially deaf ears—some from birth—were opened!  Two women had visible tumors that disappeared!  One of the tumors was on top of a Mother’s left hand, that slowly disappeared before my very eyes. She was holding her four year old daughter, who had crooked teeth. I then saw Jesus straighten them out very slowly. One tooth was even growing horizontally sticking forward and overriding the other teeth—and God straightened it out!  

Sight given to the blind… and the lame healed!
In just one evening I prayed for five people who received sight!  One person could not see at all out of the right eye, and God healed them!.  Two other people had little to no sight in either of their eyes;  and God completely restored them!  Two left with no glasses!  One man came up who could not put any weight on his knee. After prayer, he removed his brace and was completely healed!  Another person was paralyzed on the left side of their body. God healed them with full mobility! 

Gnarled, deformed fingers healed!
Sometimes Jesus brings several people with the same ailment to a team member for prayer. Today He sent three young women in their twenties with bad wrists, gnarled, deformed fingers and lower arm pain. The fingers were swollen at the joints and could not be straightened out. In quick succession—God healed all three!!  After prayer, their fingers were perfectly straight and normal!

Two deaf girls hear for the first time!
Two deaf girls came forward and gave their lives to Jesus. One girl was 17 years old and born deaf. The other was 22 years old and went deaf after contracting a disease when only 8 months old.  As some  team members prayed for them, they received partial healing. They then came back to the next meeting and both were totally healed! You should have seen the look on their faces the first time they heard a cell phone! The mother of one of the girls kept signing to them after their healing. They quickly and strongly asked her to stop signing! They wanted to hear the sounds and learn to talk! It was an unforgettable experience!

Lump on wrist disappears!
A woman had two areas of pain and lump on her wrist. After initial prayer, the pain improved just a bit. After praying again, the pain completely left. Then I prayed for the lump at the wrist, and it disappeared in front of our eyes!

Miracles at the school!
A boy came up and his left leg was short about an inch and a half. His left foot was also an inch smaller and he was in pain. After some time of prayer, his left leg and foot grew to match his right leg and foot!  Another boy came up who could barely hear—even with hearing aids in both ears. After prayer, he could hear clearly with both hearing aids removed!  

Scoliosis of the spine healed!
A young girl with scoliosis of the spine was brought forward by her mother.  During prayer, her spinal column straightened and she had no more pain in her back!

And many, many other miracles!…  Glory to God!

The team’s proclamation of the gospel also went beyond the scheduled meetings!
An 80-year-old lady was celebrating her birthday at the hotel. She wore hearing aids in both ears. That is, until the team prayed for her. You guessed it—she didn’t need her hearing aids anymore! She then asked for prayer for her knees, and God healed them! The team then prayed for most of the guests at the party, who were healed of various conditions and received the Lord. They in turn, told their friends at the hotel and brought them back for prayer! We had to get a meeting room just to pray for all that came! The hallway outside of the room was lined up with those waiting for prayer. Many were saved and healed! A mini-revival broke out at the hotel! Furthermore, most of the hotel staff received prayer for healing and salvation!