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Girardot, Colombia

Girardot is a town of about 100,000 people about a two hour drive southwest of Bogota. Unlike Bogota, which is in the mountains, Girardot lies in a plain at low elevation, making it quite hot. Temperatures were typically in the upper 90’s every day the team was there.

Gary and a team of 26 people ministered in several churches, a prison, drug rehab center, a children’s school and out in public parks. Here are just a few examples of what individual team members experienced:


47)  Blind or vision impaired were healed!

15)  Deaf or hearing impaired were healed!

45)  Lame or difficulty walking were healed!

17)  Tumors, lumps, or cysts vanished!

107)  Inner healings or deliverances!

5)  Seekers received the baptism of the Holy Spirit!


The above is a conservative report. Sometimes when God is moving it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything. Furthermore, improvements or partial healings are not counted—only healings that can be reasonably verified to be 100% complete on the spot. Sometimes we get reports of people receiving healing after the meeting, during the night, or even a day later. Those are not reflected in these numbers either. Let’s just say, God does a whole lot more than what we know about!

Here are just a few testimonies from individual team members…

Bad eye and kidney pain healed!
A middle-aged man came up complaining of kidney pain…on both sides. He also had pain in both feet plus a bad eye with blurred vision. I started off praying for healing in his kidneys, commanding the pain to go in Jesus’ name. It left! I then prayed for his feet and again the pain left! Lastly, I prayed for his bad eye and the Lord healed that too! This guy was literally healed from head to foot!

Older lady healed of gunshot wounds…and more!
We met an older lady sitting in a chair in the park. She was shot in the right knee. Her foot was affected as well, making it difficult to walk. One of her hands had a lot of pain and she couldn’t open it. As we prayed and blessed her, she suddenly started shouting. She lifted her foot, moved and turned it—and also her hands! She was so happy! We then led her to Christ! And that’s not all. The next day when we returned to the park, she saw and RAN over to greet us. She hugged us, jumping up and down and then proceeded to tell another elderly woman nearby what had happened. After hearing her testimony, this woman also accepted the Lord!

Man with lung disease now breaths freely!
A man in the park came up to us who had lung disease and couldn’t walk very far without wheezing and losing his breath. He showed us his inhaler, which he always carried with him. I prayed for complete restoration of his lungs…

After prayer, he took a brisk walk to test himself. He walked out of plaza, across the street and at least a hundred feet beyond that. By that time, we thought he was going to just walk away from us. However, he then turned around and came back. In total, he must have walked at least 600 feet round trip. Smiling, he reported he had no shortness of breath whatsoever! He couldn’t do that before…and exclaimed “Gloria a Dios!” (Glory to God!) We then led him to the Lord!

The Lord heals a bad knee!
I prayed for a man who had difficulty walking due to a knee problem. As soon as I touched the knee I could feel bones moving! Startled, I almost wanted to pull my hand away, as this never happened to me before. I then asked how he felt. The pain was almost completely gone! After praying again, I asked him to walk and test it. He walked so far away, I thought he was not coming back. But he did, and he was totally healed!!

Deaf ear opens and impaired vision healed!
A middle-aged man with glasses came forward with vision problems. Furthermore, his right ear was either completely deaf—or nearly so. (My translator said he couldn’t use it.)

I first prayed for his eyes…that they be restored in Jesus’ name. He took his glasses off and broke out in a big smile…his vision was greatly improved, but not yet perfect. I prayed again and he was happily seeing without his glasses!

I then prayed for his right ear. Afterwards, he could hear, but the level wasn’t up to his good ear. So, I prayed again and he reported he could now hear fine out of that ear! He walked away smiling…and without wearing his glasses!

Nearly blind eye healed!
An older lady came forward with a bad left eye. It was nearly blind. She had eye surgery about 10 years earlier, however it was not successful. If anything, the surgery was botched. You could see the eye did not look quite normal. After praying, the eye looked better and she reported considerable improvement. I prayed again and she started to shake slightly under the Holy Spirit. I then had her test it again…and her eye was now completely healed!

Chronic pain healed!
We came across an older man sitting on a wall and struck up a conversation with him. He had been suffering with pain in his head for ten years. We prayed several times and it got better, but was not yet totally gone. The area of pain was reduced down to a single point. Discerning a spirit of infirmity, I commanded it to leave… prayed again and the pain vanished! He was now beaming with a smile…and readily accepted the Lord!!

Man’s damaged back is healed!
A man had several surgeries on his lower back and eight pins in his spine. He could barely stand up. During prayer he was healed and can now bend over pain free!

Severe foot pain healed!
We prayed for a man with severe pain in both his feet. On a scale of 1-10, he said the pain was a 10. After praying the Lord heal and restore his circulation, the pain came down to a five. We prayed again, and the pain was completely gone!

Back pain healed!
An elderly lady came up to us asking for prayer for her back. We prayed for the Lord’s healing and for Him to bless her. The pain was gone instantly!!

…and many, many more! Glory to God!