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Pasto, Colombia

Pasto is a city of 500,000 people in southern Colombia. Located on a high plateau of over 8,000 feet, temperatures were in the cool 60’s every day.

Gary and 19 team members ministered in a number of churches, parks, police headquarters and a prison. During the week, Gary and the team witnessed God do the following:


85)  Blind or vision impaired healed!

43)  Deaf or hearing impaired healed!

76)  Lame or difficulty walking healed!

17)  Tumors, lumps or cysts disappeared!

66)  Inner healings and/or deliverances!

25)  Received the baptism of the Holy Spirit!


The above is a conservative report. Sometimes when God is moving it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything. Furthermore, improvements or partial healings are not counted—only healings that can be reasonably verified to be 100% complete on the spot. Sometimes we get reports of people receiving healing after the meeting, during the night, or even a day later. Those are not reflected in these numbers either. Let’s just say, God does a whole lot more than what we know about!

Here are just a few examples of what individual team members experienced:

Girl dramatically healed in public park – dozens come to Jesus as a result!
As the team was ministering to people in a large public square, Gary spotted a mother and her daughter approaching a park bench. The daughter was in great pain, limping very badly, and needed a walker. Her one leg was so atrophied it couldn’t reach the ground. Gary approached them and asked if the team might pray for her, and they agreed. As the team started to pray, she screamed in agony and fell to the ground. The team then helped her up to the bench so she could sit. The pain was so bad, she continued to cry out. By this time a great many onlookers had gathered around to see what was happening. Her mother explained she was born this way 36 years ago. One of the team members held out the young lady’s legs, and was joined in prayer by several others. The pain ceased. And then in front of all the onlookers, the atrophied leg grew out 6 inches! The young lady, now pain free, was helped up and then planted BOTH her feet on the ground! Her mother burst into tears, “She’s NEVER been able to do that!!”. Holding on to a team member for balance, she started walking across the plaza, placing each foot, one in front of the other, firmly on the ground—in full view of a totally astonished crowd. One of Gary’s Spanish speaking assistants then got up and told the crowd, it was Jesus Christ who healed this lady and gave them a brief presentation of the gospel. As a result, 36 people gave their hearts to the Lord after witnessing this miracle right before their eyes! (Including the young lady who was healed.) This is New Testament evangelism!

Tumor vanishes!
A young man came up with a tumor on his left hip causing him pain. He placed my hand on the spot so I could feel it—it was the size of a small egg. I felt such compassion for him… and commanded that tumor to die, shrink and disappear in Jesus’ name! After prayer, he reported the tumor had shrunk somewhat. I prayed again and it shrunk some more. As I continued to pray, he started to shake under the power of the Spirit. I sensed in my spirit he should start thanking the Lord. So he started repeating, “Gracias Señor!… Gracias Señor!…” and started to weep. At this point, he REALLY started to shake. After praying once more, the tumor completely vanished! He was weeping with joy for what Jesus had done for him!

Damaged, nearly blind eye healed!
A man came forward having only a little vision in his left eye. It was only partially open and looked bloodshot. The doctors said there was damage to both the retina and optic nerve. His eye was in pain and he also had double vision. The doctors had already operated on him four times…and were recommending a fifth surgery! I prayed for him and his vision slightly improved. I prayed again and it improved some more and he reported heat in his body. Each time I prayed there was about a 5-10% improvement. At first he could see fingers held in front of him. Then he could distinguish faces. The pain in his eye vanished. The double vision cleared. And finally he could see words on the screen across the room! His eye was now fully open and the redness greatly reduced. Needless to say, he left with a big smile on his face!

Man healed after 10 years of stomach pain!
I prayed for a man in the park. He had had pain in his stomach for 10 years. At first, nothing happened. I then asked if there was anyone he needed to forgive. It turned out he needed to forgive himself for abandoning his family. He also forgave his wife and sons. The sons were not speaking to him because of what he had done and he had carried that pain for 10 years. I broke off the lies of the enemy and spoke restoration over him and his sons. I then released God’s love over him. I prayed again and God healed him as he was sitting on his bicycle! Amazing! God even heals on a bicycle!

Multiple miracles, one right after the other!
We came across four girls sitting on a park bench drinking beer. I asked them if there was anything they needed prayer for. Before they could answer, an elderly man walked over to us and asked us to pray for him. With the girls watching, I asked him how we might pray. He said he had pain in his back and knees and could not bend over and stoop down. We asked him to show us how far he could move and it wasn’t much. I first laid my hand on his back and prayed for healing and then asked how far he could bend over. He then bent right over and touched his toes! The girls watching were completely amazed. I then put my hand on his knees and prayed for healing. I then asked to see how far he could stoop. He then squatted right down to the ground! By this time, the girls were all whispering to one another completely amazed. The man then thanked us and went on his way.

I turned to the girls and asked if they had anything I could pray for. One of the girls on the bench said she could not see across the park, but only just a few feet in front of her. I put my hands over her eyes and prayed for her eyesight to be healed. After removing my hands, she could see all the way across the park and read signs on the buildings! The girl on the other side of the bench took her glasses off and said she would like that also. So we did the same for her. Afterwards, she tried putting her glasses back on, but couldn’t see a thing—they weren’t needed anymore! By that time, the other two girls also said they had eye problems, so each one was prayed over, healed, and their eyesight restored! Afterwards, they poured their beer out on the ground—and we led them all to the Lord!

Lady with two lumps in her breast received multiple healings!
A lady came forward with pain in her left knee, pain in her right arm, plus two lumps—one in each breast. I started by praying for the knee and the pain left. I then prayed for the lumps in her breasts. Initially nothing happened. Finally, after praying again they began to shrink. After praying once more, they were completely gone! I was so happy, I almost forgot about her arm…until she reminded me! So I prayed for her arm and that was healed too!…she could now move it with no pain! As Gary might say, the Lord gave this lady an overhaul! Praise God!

A little girl can play again!
A mother came up with her little girl for healing. The little girl could not play because she had such pain in her legs. I placed my hands on her knees and prayed for healing. I then asked the little girl if it still hurt—and she said no! I asked her to jump up-and-down to see how it felt. She started to jump up-and-down and had no pain! So, I started to jump up-and-down with her praising Jesus!

Hernia healed!
A young man came forward with pain around his sexual organs. It was interfering with his sex life. He showed me there were two areas. First, he drew a line a few inches below his belt line on his right side. The second area was down near his genitals. I knew from my own experience, it was almost certainly a hernia. I had him place his hands over the affected area, then placed my hand on top of his and prayed for healing. He reported the pain in the upper area was disappearing but still present below. When praying again, I felt checked in my spirit—the prayer need not be long-winded. Essentially it was just “I command this pain to go in Jesus name and speak total healing to this area.” That was it. He put his hand inside his front pocket and was feeling around…the pain was now totally gone!

Stiff joints and back healed!
A young woman of small stature came forward. All of her joints, including her back were very stiff. I put one hand on her shoulder, the other on her back and prayed for her back to settle into place. I said. “Holy Spirit come” and immediately there was a cracking sound like when you crack your knuckles and stretch your fingers. The interpreter who stood by me said: “Stop, she is healed.” Upon testing, she could move freely with her whole body!

Eye with very poor sight healed!
A man came forward and wanted prayer for a headache and extremely poor eyesight in his right eye. We prayed for the pain in the head to disappear, and it did. I told him that we would pray for his eye, and asked him whether he could see my “Gary Oates” name badge when held only 20 cm (8 inches) away. After one prayer he could distinguish the letters on my badge, but was not able to read them properly. After the second prayer he could see my interpreter’s handwritten notes. Furthermore, he could clearly see everything else in the church!

Damaged knee healed!
A female police officer comes forward asking for prayer for her knee that had been severely injured in a motorbike accident. She had received surgery on her knee, but it didn’t help and she remained in a lot of pain. We prayed for her twice, and she was deeply moved by God ́s Spirit. Afterwards, she could bend her knee and was healed! The pain was gone!

Twisted legs healed!
A father brought up his seven year old girl. Her feet were twisted inward and hips not aligned which impaired walking and running normally. After praying in the name of Jesus, she climbed up the steps to the platform and back down—walking normally! Praise God!

Lady delivered from spirit of infirmity!
Prayed for a lady with pain in both lower legs and her uterus. She also had an issue with her blood. I started by praying for purity in her blood as I sensed there may be a connection with her other issues. I then prayed for the pain in her legs which left. I saw what looked like a rope around her mid section so I prayed to break that off. The pain ceased in her uterus, but then it seemingly moved to her left back side. I sensed a spirit of infirmity was playing games, so I commanded it to go in Jesus’ name. She then reported that pain was gone!

Examples of many other healings…

Prayed for a woman with pain in her stomach. Nothing happened. She confessed she had dabbled in witchcraft. She confessed and asked for God’s forgiveness. I prayed again and the pain disappeared!

Older woman with pain in her neck, back and feet (heels). God took all the pain away completely. To test her feet, she tried stomping on the floor and all the pain was gone!

A young man came forward with pain in his left thigh…apparently the result of playing soccer. It was preventing him from exercising. I prayed over the leg and the pain lessened. After praying again, he was able to move his leg freely and had no more pain!

Another man come forward who was nearly blind in one eye. I prayed for him and my interpreter asked him to cover his good eye so we could check the bad one. He reported he could see just a little. I prayed again and his vision improved. I prayed again and it improved further. On a scale from zero to five, he said he was up to four. I prayed again and then it was up to 4.5. After persevering and praying again… he was up to five and could now see clearly!

A lady came forward who had pain in her left knee and couldn’t bend it. She also had pain in her arm. After prayer for her knee, she could partially bend it. After praying again, she could bend her knee all the way to the floor without pain! I also prayed for her arm…that too was healed and she could now raise it without pain!

A lady had a hip problem from birth. The pain was so bad she sometimes could not walk. One leg was shorter than the other. While we were praying, the short leg grew 3-4cm before our eyes! She said she was 100 percent healed!

And many, many others!… Glory to God!