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Bauru, Brazil

Bauru is a city of 400,000 people about a four hour drive from Sao Paulo. The team of eighteen people ministered in a variety of churches and witnessed God do the following:


28)  Blind or vision impaired healed!

20)  Deaf or hearing impaired healed!

28)  Lame or difficulty walking!

12)  Tumors, cysts or lumps disappeared!

144)  received Inner Healing and/or Deliverance!

87)  Baptized in the Holy Spirit


The above is a conservative report. One team member said, “There were so many healings and deliverances it’s impossible to remember them all.” Here are just a few examples of what individual team members experienced:

Locked arm and clenched fist healed!
Prayed for a man that had been born with a severely locked arm and clenched hand. He had never used either since birth and there was no muscular development. The power of God manifested and he began to shake. I held him as long as I could, but then lowered him to the floor where he continued shaking for perhaps 20 minutes. After a while he got up, his arm had straightened out and his fist had become unclenched. You could see his muscles twitching as God was rebuilding his arm muscles and he was crying tears of joy.

Neck, Arm, Shoulder and Leg all healed!
Prayed for Anthony; he had been stabbed 3 times in the neck and shoulder on the left side years ago. His whole left side was constantly in pain. He could not raise his left arm above shoulder height.  His left hand and fingers were in a tight fist and could not open.  We prayed and all the pain left his body. He was able to lift his left arm all the way up over his head.  His left leg was shorter by about 1 inch – it grew out to be even with his right leg and he was able to walk with less of a limp.  His left wrist was frozen in place but now he could rotate it. The finger and thumb on his left hand began to straighten out and he was able to squeeze my hand.  

Examples of many other healings:

A 40-year-old woman who was born with one deaf ear was healed by the power of God.

A 19-year-old girl was freed from demonic oppression.

A lady who had suffered from a chronic knee condition for 30 years was healed. That same lady also had a spine condition that was healed, too.

A little girl who was partially deaf – received 100% healing

A woman who had a shoulder problem for 20 years was healed.

A young lady was healed of a gastric condition that she had for 19 years.

A man was totally healed from pain in his back; he had it for 20 years.

One lady had a tumor in the breast and lower abdomen that dissolved after prayer.

A person had back pain for 4 years, nightmares since a child, headaches for three  months – healed and delivered.

A woman had a cyst in her wrist and it disappeared.

A man with a deaf ear could hear with that ear after prayer.

A man had left shoulder pain for 2 years – felt like bubbles going through his body; healed.

For 1 year a person had a tumor on the leg, pain in the back part of the foot, back spurs on the spine – healed and walked without pain!

A woman who said she could not hold her baby because she had pain in her left wrist and arm was healed.

A lady had pain in her side because of gallstones.  The pain left when we prayed.  She also had back problems and pain.  After prayer she was pain free and was able to bend and move.

A lady had an inoperable growth in her throat that vanished by the power of God.

Saw 2 people healed from arthritis: One of them could not move her fingers and now she can! The other one had lots of pain and his hands were swollen so he couldn’t close his hands and now he can!

Saw four men healed of back problems.  All of them bent down; which they could not do before. All of them felt heat.

…and many, many more! Glory to God!