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Rio Negro & Medellin, Colombia

Gary and a team of ten people spent their week split between the neighboring cities of Rio Negro and Medellin. They visited a children’s school, a prison, a police department and a number of churches. Despite having only ten team members available to minister on this trip, they nonetheless saw God perform a significant number of miracles…


55)  Blind or vision impaired healed!

11)  Deaf or hearing impaired healed!

28)  Lame or difficulty walking were healed!

12)  Tumors, lumps or cysts disappeared!

194)  Inner healings and/or deliverances!


The above is a conservative report. Sometimes when God is moving it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything. Furthermore, improvements or partial healings are not counted—only healings that can be reasonably verified to be 100% complete on the spot. Sometimes we get reports of people getting healed after the meeting, during the night, or even a day later. Those are not reflected in these numbers either. Let’s just say, God does a whole lot more than what we know about!

Here are just a few examples of what individual team members experienced…

Little girl with thick glasses had vision healed!
A five year old came forward with her mother and asked for prayer for her little girl’s eyes. She had glasses on, rather thick and crooked on her little face and she needed them to see distance. We prayed and she looked across the room and identified ‘flowers’ that were painted on a wall 100 feet away. Jesus healed her eyes!

Little boy with short, crooked leg healed!
A mom came up with her son about 8 years old. She said he had some problems with his leg walking and it was turning in. I put him on the stage and sat him down to evaluate his legs. It was evident that one leg was shorter by and inch that the other leg. With all of his family watching closely, I commanded the leg to grow out, and Jesus did it instantly, to every ones amazement. His mother began to praise God and her son jumped down off of where he sat and was very happy.

Paralyzed, mute lady healed!
A woman came up and asked if I would pray for her sister, “Flor,” who was paralyzed on her entire right side. I found out several years ago she had become severely depressed and the paralysis immediately followed. My interpreter and I began to command the demonic spirits of paralysis and depression to leave Flor’s body. Then I cupped my hands around her face and had her look into my eyes. I told her how much I love her and how much Jesus loves her. I asked if she understood, and she responded with: “Jesus, I love You.” Her sister began to weep and told me Flor had not spoken in years – since she had became depressed and paralyzed. I then noticed her right hand moving and straightening out from the curled position it had been in for years. All of a sudden Flor began to move her right arm around and raise it over her head! A huge smile appeared upon her face and her eyes lit up. I asked her if I could hug her and she started trying to stand up – something she could not do for years because of the paralysis. Her sister and I helped her stand and she latched on to me and gave me a bear hug with both arms for several minutes. I helped her to sit back down and she still had the huge smile on her face that was beaming with the Light of Jesus!

As I looked down at Flor’s legs there was gold dust all over her pants. The lady sitting next to her said something to me and as I looked at her she was covered in gold dust also. It was in her hair, on her face and chest and all over her arms! She told me she had been sitting next to Flor in church for years and had never seen her smile or show any emotion until this night!! Thank You Jesus!!!!!

Police officer healed of chronic back and leg pain!
An officer came for prayer because of severe back pain that went down both of his legs. On a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the worst he said his pain level was an “8”. Andy and I prayed and the pain immediately dropped to a “6”. We prayed once more and the officer’s pain was completely gone! As he bent over and jumped up and down he kept saying: “I can’t believe this. I can’t believe it. I’ve had this for years.” Praise God!!

Lady healed of severe jaw pain!
I prayed for a woman with severe jaw pain. It was so bad that she could barely open her mouth wide enough to fit one finger between her lips. She had this condition for several months. As I prayed she felt heat and electricity in her jaw. I asked her to try to open her mouth and she could open about half-way. Then I prayed again and she was able to open wide and had no pain at all. This dear lady’s whole countenance changed as she was touched by the manifest Presence of God.

Man with immobilized arm healed!
A man came to me with constant pain and zero mobility in his shoulder due to a swimming injury 8 years earlier. His arm was hanging limp at his side because it caused him tremendous pain to move it at all. He said his pain level was a “9” on a scale of 1-to-10. As I prayed he began to feel hot, so I asked him to try moving his arm. He started to slowly lift it and realizing there was no pain, he raised it all the way over his head! He was shocked and his eyes got really big. Then he began to swing his arm around and around and jumping up and down with childlike joy!

Examples of many other healings:

Prayed for two young men – One had a tumor in his mouth and the other an abscessed molar – they were both healed – the tumor disappeared and tooth stopped hurting!

A 12 year old boy could not see well with his right eye. First, he prayed to receive the Lord. Then after prayer for his eye, he could see sign in back of auditorium!

Prayed for a man who had a motorcycle accident and walked with a cane. The doctors said it would take a year for his knee to heal. We prayed several times and he left without the help of the cane!

Prayed for a young man who had impaired vision – said after prayer he could see 100%.

Prayed for a teenager who had been violated and could not speak. When we finished praying, he was able to pray with me out loud.

…and many, many more! Glory to God!