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Visions and Dreams (BOOK)

Visions and Dreams (BOOK)


Gary Oates’ new book “Visions and Dreams – Recognizing God’s Supernatural Signs” is now available! Does God give visions to people today. I say emphatically “yes”. Not only is that true of believers but to unbelievers as well. Many of us have heard of incredibly dramatic stories of unbelievers and those of other religions living in remote areas of the world who have given their lives to Jesus directly as a result of experiencing a supernatural vision or dream. Unquestionably, most believers have had more supernatural encounters with God than they think they have. As well, many Christians have also had more visions and, for the most part, they didn’t realize those manifestations were from God. As new born believers in Jesus, most of us were satisfied with simply being able to see with our natural sight. Yet, there is another dimension. It is a place where God develops our spiritual sight—our sanctified imagination—and enables us to receive heavenly visions causing us to flow in supernatural manifestations from our Creator.


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