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Cali, Colombia Trip #2

Cali is the third largest city in Colombia with over two million inhabitants. Located in a valley, the city has a warm tropical climate year round.

Gary and 19 team members ministered at a several churches, an orphanage-school, a prison, and one outdoor meeting. During the week, Gary and the team witnessed God do the following:


79) Blind or vision impaired healed!

35) Deaf or hearing impaired healed!

43) Lame or difficulty walking healed!

22) Tumors, lumps or cysts disappeared!

243) Received inner healings and/or deliverance!

6) Received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit!


The above is a conservative report. Sometimes when God is moving it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything. Furthermore, improvements or partial healings are not counted—only healings that can be reasonably verified to be 100% complete on the spot. Sometimes we get reports of people receiving healing after the meeting, during the night, or even a day later. Those are not reflected in these numbers either. Let’s just say, God does a whole lot more than what we know about!

Here are just a few examples of what individual team members experienced…

God removes a bullet from a young man’s abdomen!
A young man came to us who had been recently shot in his lower abdomen. The bullet was still there and it was causing him a great deal of pain. Furthermore, he had lost feeling in his leg. During prayer, he felt heat…and the pain went away. He was able to move his leg, and by the end of the evening, the feeling came back to his leg. We encouraged him to go to his doctor and be reassessed. After being x-rayed the next day, he contacted us. The x-ray showed NO bullet remained in his abdomen! There was visible evidence it had been there—but now it was gone!!

Chronic pain from back injury healed!
A man came to us for prayer who fell from a horse two years ago, injuring his back. He said the level of pain was 8 on a scale of 1—10. After praying twice, he said it went down to 2. We prayed again and it dropped to 1. After praying once more, the pain was gone!

Girl with burst eardrum now hears!
A girl came to us whose eardrum burst 7 years ago and she couldn’t afford an operation. She was practically deaf in that ear. We prayed for her—and she was instantly healed!! We tested her by blocking her “good” ear and she could hear perfectly from the damaged ear!

Blind eye opens!
A 10 year old boy was blind in his left eye. He wore glasses to see out of his right eye. By the time I finished praying for him, he could see clearly and had no need of his glasses at all! Both eyes were completely healed!!!

Severe, chronic kidney pain healed!
A man came forward for prayer. He said his kidneys were functioning at only 15%, and suffered constant, extreme pain at all times. I prayed over his kidneys and asked if there was any change. He was surprised—his pain was almost gone! I rebuked the rest of the issue in the name of Jesus and the man was completely healed of all pain! He said the second time we prayed, he felt a great heat come into both of his kidneys—followed by a cool, tingly sensation. He was very grateful to be free of all the pain!

Side effects of breast surgery healed!
One lady had just had a cancerous lump removed from her breast and due to the operation had lost all feeling on that side of her breast. After prayer, she had complete feeling again!

Deaf ear opens!
A man in his 70’s was completely deaf in one ear for 30 years. We tested him, and he couldn’t hear at all from the bad ear. After praying the first time, he could now hear about 30%. I prayed repeatedly, and every time his hearing got better…until his hearing reached 100%!

Boy’s vision healed!
A little boy had blurry vision, headaches and dizziness whenever he took his glasses off. After praying the first time, the dizziness left. After praying again, his headache left. And after a couple more prayers, he had perfect vision! He was in complete shock and could hardly believe his eyes! He kept putting his glasses on and off again to see the difference!

Drooping face from Bell’s palsy healed!
A lady was suffering from Bell’s palsy. The left side of her face was drooping down—and all feeling was lost during the previous day. She also had tinnitus in her ears for a year. We prayed a couple of times and the noise in her ears began to decrease…until it was all gone! After further prayer, the left side of her face also returned to normal!

Little girl is healed…and now praying for others!
A little 9 year old girl came up for prayer. She wore glasses and walked with a limp. She explained she had pain whenever she walked and wanted her eyes healed. I explained what it might feel like when God comes. She said OK. So, we asked God to come—and He did. Her body shook and she began to moan. Her lips trembled and I commanded afflicting spirits to go. She said she could feel God’s power through her whole body. We then tested her leg. No pain, no limp! We tested her eyes. Completely healed! I told her now she could go and pray for the healing of others. The rest of our time there, wherever I saw her, she was touching others and they were shaking under God’s power. He saves, He heals, He sets free, and He sends out! Glory to God!!

Lady receives deliverance and healing!
A woman came asking for prayer. She suffered from constant, bad headaches and pain in the back of her neck. I prayed against the conditions and then asked how she felt. She said the headache immediately left her—but she had pain in back of the neck and top of the spine. After further prayer, the pain in her neck left—but then her ear hurt! At this point I knew there was a spiritual condition to which a demon was attached. I enquired if she, or anyone in her family had ever been involved with witchcraft. She said no, but believed her neighbor was. We prayed against any curses that might be afflicting her, and once again I prayed for healing. She still had pain! I then asked if there was anyone she wasn’t fully at peace with. She thought for a bit, and said there was one person. While in school, she had a lesbian teacher. That teacher did something to her she never forgot. I then led the lady through a prayer of forgiveness for her old teacher. After that, I prayed a short prayer for healing, and almost immediately, every bit of the pain left and never came back! “Finally the pain gone!” The lady exclaimed.

Persisting in prayer led to healing of eyesight!
An older lady requested prayer for her eyes. She suffered from significant near-sightedness and was wearing glasses with thick lenses. We prayed…and there was a little improvement. So we prayed again and there was another small improvement. We continued praying and every time there was a little more improvement. She had faith, so we continued to pray and pray, seeing a little improvement each time. At one point I finally asked her, “Had enough?” “No!” she said, “You’re doing good!”, and because of her faith we continued to pray. Finally, after 26 prayers, she was completely healed! We ALL cried out Hallelujah!!! (And she was VERY excited!)

Lungs and kidneys healed!
A man asked for prayer for his lungs and kidneys. He could not breathe deeply and also had issues with kidney stones. I prayed for him and rebuked the conditions in his body in the name of Jesus. Afterwards, we requested he test himself. He easily took a deep, long breath…and told me his lungs were healed! He also said when we were praying, he felt heat come into his kidneys and felt something leave his body. He had no more issues!

In addition to those, team members also witnessed the following:

  • I prayed for a woman who had 2 cysts in her breast. After praying several times, they completely disappeared!
  • An older man had crippling arthritis in his hands. I prayed for him briefly and he fell under the power of God. As I continued to pray for him, his hands, all twisted by arthritis—straightened out completely!
  • A man had difficulty hearing out of his left ear. A doctor said the the small bones of his inner ear were out of alignment and they couldn’t help him. However, I knew Jesus could! I prayed, asking God to realign all the bones of this man’s inner ear—and afterwards he could hear perfectly!
  • I prayed for a man whose left eye was blinded from an injury 14 years earlier—and he was healed!
  • We prayed for a lady with asthma. During prayer, she said her lungs were burning like fire. Afterwards, the burning stopped—and she could breath clearly!
  • A middle aged woman suffered over 20 years with leg pain caused by poor circulation—from her hip to the ankle. After prayer, the pain disappeared!
  • One young man could not hear out of his right ear for about 3 years. During prayer, he felt heat and a pop—and was instantly healed!

And many, many other miracles!… Glory to God!

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